Our films have won many awards and much praise from critics worldwide. Here are a few examples of what reviewers thought of The Family That Walks On All Fours:

Contains some of the most fascinating, strange and beguiling footage you'll see anywhere... never fails to leave you riveted to the screen. Don't miss.
San Francisco Chronicle, 8 November 2006
This documentary mixes the family's human story with a rigorous investigation... the questions that it poses are fascinating and far-reaching.
The Telegraph, 17 March 2006
A gently and non-judgementally told but extraordinary story... the non-intrusive way in which the family is filmed is genuinely touching.
Evening Standard, 17 March 2006


Science stories often make great television, but many scientists are understandably nervous about being involved in making films for TV, fearing their work will be dumbed down and/or misrepresented in the name of entertainment.

At Passionate Productions, we believe we bring breaking science stories to a primetime audience in a way that does not compromise scientific integrity.

Here's what some of the scientists we have worked with have to say:

Among several producer/directors I have worked with, I think Jemima is simply the best.

In 2002 Jemima (with her camera-man partner, Jon) made a documentary about the placebo effect with me. I found them not only to be exceptionally creative and intelligent film makers, but - which may be rarer - to be models of tact and patience.

In 2005/6 I made another film with them, "The Family That Walks on All Fours", centred on a family in Turkey. This film proved to be not only scientifically contentious but humanly troublesome. Jemima and Jon negotiated every stage of the production with great sensitivity. They are really good and warm people. What's more Jemima's understanding of the science was, by the end of the programme, nearly equal to my own. The film was beautifully constructed and Jemima's commentary was brilliant.

Prof Nicholas Humphrey, London School of Economics

Jemima and Jon are in a class all by themselves.

Of the 75 or so media outlets we have dealt with, no organization has come close to Passionate Productions in terms of depth of understanding of subject matter, appreciation for all of the ramifications of the topic, courtesy, honesty and respect for our time.

Jemima devoted several hours per week over an 18-month period to learning about our work before appearing in our laboratory. By the time filming started, she might well have had a better grasp of the field than anyone else in the world.

When we saw the finished documentary, we were extremely impressed with the beauty of the work, its honest portrayal of the nature of the science and the balanced presentation of the efforts of different groups. The work was fair, positive, informative, uplifting and provoking. We remain very happy that we invested the time in working with Jemima and Jon.

Dr Jim Walker, former Director of Sensory Research, Institute of Florida State University

We would like to vouch for the integrity, honesty, sensitivity and trustworthiness of Jon and Jemima. They have made 3 films with us, one of which involved particularly sensitive handling of patients and relatives and reputation-staking information.

We were at all times happy with their conduct and indeed with the ultimate product of all 3 films and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub FRS, Cardiothoracic surgeon
Doctor Gavin Wright, Consultant Anaesthetist
I can vouch unambiguously for Jemima Harrison's integrity, intelligence and commitment to both accurate and humanly engaging portrayals of science in public media. Her camera-man partner brought a further distinctly cinematic sensibility.
Anne Harrington, Professor, Harvard University

Working with Jemima and Jon was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Our involvement gave us the opportunity to highlight the real science ongoing in the Parkinson's world and had a very positive impact. Even today, several years on, I still meet Parkinson's patients who express their gratitude for our contribution to the programme and the hope it has given them. That we were able to put our scientific case across clearly is due in no small part to Jemima's professionalism.

Jemima and her team are not in any way sensationalist but are keen to get to the bottom of the science and put the real message across in an accessible way. I am still amazed as to how much information they was able to convey in the programme.

My experience in working with Jemima was that she was keen and able to get to grips with the detail of the science we were trying to share, sensitive and responsive to our worries with respect to putting sensitive information into the public domain and that we were able to contribute to the production of a film that had an impact on the understanding of medical science in the wide community, an opportunity all too infrequent.

Dr Jonathan Brotchie, Senior Scientist, Toronto Western Research Institute

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