The Family That Walks On All Fours

The Family That Walks On All Fours

A family of adult human quadrupeds found living in a remote part of Turkey sparks a fierce scientific debate. A Turkish neuroscientist believes they are evolutionary throwbacks. A German geneticist believes they could hold vital clues about how man became bipeds. But are they right?

Guided by Professor Nick Humphrey and other top experts, the film weaves the scientific evidence with an intimate portrait of the family's life.

The Family That Walks On All Fours first aired in the UK on BBC2 in March 2006. The NOVA version of the film appeared on PBS in the US in November. The film has also been broadcast in 30 other countries. See the NOVA website for the US trailer

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Contains some of the most fascinating, strange and beguiling footage you'll see anywhere... never fails to leave you riveted to the screen. Don't miss.
San Francisco Chronicle, 8 November 2006
This documentary mixes the family's human story with a rigorous investigation... the questions that it poses are fascinating and far-reaching.
The Telegraph, 17 March 2006
A gently and non-judgementally told but extraordinary story... the non-intrusive way in which the family is filmed is genuinely touching.
Evening Standard, 17 March 2006

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UK transmission: BBC2, 2006